Gatineau product range, pioneers in anti-ageing skin care, based in Paris and established for over 85 years.  Combining the highest quality ingredients with the latest advances in biotechnology to create high performance, results-driven skincare.  And they are not tested on animals. 

Courses of facials can be purchased, and if you buy a course of 5 facials , you'll receive the 6th facial free.  


Catio Vital Facial (1hr 15 mins) £62

An intensive deep cleansing Galvanic facial – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hot sauna mask, extraction, Galvanic current (to penetrate the products deep into the skin), followed by a massage and mask.

Catio Vital Lifting Facial (55 mins) £58

An intensive lifting and sculpting Faradic facial – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, Faradic current (to drain and sculpt the face, followed by a Faradic current to lift and tighten the facial muscles) finished with a massage and mask.  

Collagen Plumping Facial (55 mins) £58

A rejuvenating and hydrating facial designed for plumping out lines and wrinkles – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, finishing with a 100% marine collagen mask.

Ultimate Lifting & Smoothing Facial (1 hr) £62

A powerful anti-ageing facial to sculpt and lift – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hand held rollers (to drain, sculpt and stimulate the collagen and elastin), finishing with a massage and gauze mask.

Catio Vital Eye Lift (40 mins) £42

A muscle firming, tightening and smoothing treatment, specifically for the eye area – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, Faradic and Galvanic current, finishing with a massage and eye mask. 


All our rebalancing facials start with a cleanse, tone and exfoliate, finishing with a relaxing massage and personalised full face solidifying mask. 

Nutri Comfort Facial (50 mins) £53

Nourishing treatment with algae extracts, mineral substances and dermal humectants.  

SOS Purifying Facial (50 mins) £53

Clarifying and toning treatment with algae extracts and active carbon. 

Soothing & Nourishing Facial (50 mins) £53

Soothing and hydrating treatment with algae based mask containing nutrients from violets and oats. 


All our radiance facials start with a cleanse, tone and exfoliate, finishing with a relaxing massage and brightening treatment/mask. 

Radiance Revealing Facial (50 mins) £55

Brightening facial with a rich vitamin C mask 

Skin Renewal Facial (1 hr) £60 

Deep exfoliation and brightening diamond microdermabrasion treatment - this combines the power of exfoliation with vacuum suction to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, age spots and enlarged pores.  

Skin Lightening Facial (50 mins) £55

Lightening and brightening facial with an anti-pigmentation mask